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Why Do We Need Clean and Fresh Air
Why Do We Need Clean and Fresh Air

There is no better mood lifter than some me-time while taking a stroll on a bright sunny day. The melodious chirping of the birds and the scent of freshly cut grass instantly uplifts your overall energy. As you take the breath of fresh air, it seems to revitalize your body from within, and it instantly uplifts your mood.

Sounds dreamy right? This is why we need fresh air. Fresh air impacts your everyday lives in more ways than we know. From cleaning your lungs to reinforcing the immune system, fresh air does it all.

Oxygen directly affects the release of the hormone serotonin in the body. This hormone is responsible for regulating your mood, and increased levels of this stuff make you a generally happier person. There is no specified ‘correct amount,’ but the more you get it, the healthier you feel.

It is a tried and tested fact that a few minutes outdoors will give you an instant energy boost whenever you are feeling down or worn out. It is because oxygen, coupled with nature’s fresh flowers and plants, has the ability to energize your mind, body, and soul.

Fresh air also enhances your brain functioning and improves your concentration skills. By spending only a few minutes outside each day can help you stay more aware and alert.

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